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NEW LISTING: Quantum Biofeedaback SCIO EPFX with an awesome 17 inch Toshiba laptop that was NEVER USED!

System 17

We just got this listing for a Quantum Biofeedback SCIO EPFX in, and it’s in exceptional condition.

In fact, it’s in such great condition that the owner of this system paid Susan Harms, the VP of international support for the SCIO and Indigo at Quantum World Vision, to inspect it, and it passed with flying colors!

The beautiful thing about this SCIO EPFX system is that not only does it have just 30-40 hours of use, but the laptop that comes with this SCIO EPFX package is a gorgeous 17″ Toshiba laptop that was bought in 2011, and it was never even used!

This reason for this is after 4 years of using the original laptop that came with this system, the owner decided she wanted to upgrade her computer.

So she bought a brand new 17″ Toshiba laptop, had a SCIO EPFX expert install the latest version of the SCIO EPFX software, and ironically never had a need to use it again, because the SCIO EPFX worked so well for her, which is fantastic news for you!

In addition to that, this SCIO EPFX package comes with some EXTRA BONUSES!

To see what those bonuses are and to see the full listing, go here or call Ian today at 424.354.1141!


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