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I just wanted to post a quick update. System 24 just sold. Yes, it certainly did sell quickly!

So now the best deal we have on a SCIO EPFX is System 23, which just got better!

How is it better?

The owner of System 23 is also looking to sell her system quickly. So she just added yet ANOTHER BONUS, which makes it a total of EIGHT BONUSES!

What did she add?

Nirvana Zarabi-Smith’s amazing A-Z Protocols book!

A-Z Protocols - Indigo/SCIO - 6th Edition book by Nirvana Zarabi-Smith

A-Z Protocols – Indigo/SCIO – 6th Edition book by Nirvana Zarabi-Smith

If you haven’t downloaded the first 100 pages Nirvana A-Z Protocols book yet, you definitely should! It’s an incredible resource. You can download them for FREE here.

Nirvana’s protocols book will help to take the guesswork out of your SCIO EPFX sessions. Instead of wondering which protocol to use for a certain situation, you can just look it up in her book!

So now this system is a really great deal!

Below is a summary of the listing for System 23. To see the full listing and check out the other 7 awesome bonuses, go here.

But you better hurry, because, as you know, System 24, which is a similar listing to this one, sold quickly!

System 23


System 23: Quantum Biofeedback SCIO EPFX with an awesome Sony VAIO laptop, 1 head harness, 4 limb strap cords (4 BRAND NEW limb straps are included, but not pictured), and 3 SCIO manuals


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