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NEW INDIGO LISTING – Only $9497! (or $10,597 with a BRAND NEW HP LAPTOP)


System 27: The amazing Quantum Biofeedback Indigo
This package comes with some VALUABLE BONUSES including Nirvana Zarabi-Smith’s famous Quantum Encyclopedia (a $500 value!), as well as a BRAND NEW HP laptop! (optional)

I have some quick questions for you…

Are you or someone you know looking for a great deal on an Indigo? 

Do you already have a computer that you can use that meets the minimum system requirements for the Indigo software, and you just want to buy an Indigo with the 4 wrist/ankle straps and head harness?

Or do you want an Indigo package with a brand new computer?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then I have the perfect Indigo package for you!

In fact, out of the numerous Indigo systems that Ian has listed, he’s only sold two other Indigos for around the same price, and he sold them before he even had a chance to post them on his website!  They sold that quickly!  I’m sure the same will happen with this Indigo system.  This deal is that good!

This Indigo package includes a Quantum Biofeedback Indigo with less than 100 hours of use, and a BRAND NEW HP LAPTOP, which is optional.  

You can use or buy your own computer, if you wish, as long as it meets the system requirements for the latest version of the Indigo software.

There are two prices listed below, one price that includes a BRAND NEW HP laptop, and one price that does not include a laptop.

This Indigo package also comes with a TON of BONUSES!

So what does it include?
Glad you asked!
Here is a detailed list of what this system includes:
+ Quantum Biofeedback Indigo device (purchased in 2010; less than 100 hours of use)
+ 4 Indigo wrist/ankle straps
+ 1 Indigo head harness


Manufacturer: HP
Model#: ENVY m7-n109dx
CPU/Processor: Intel 6th Generation Core i7 2.5GHz
Size of hard drive: 1000 GB (1 TB)
Size of screen: 17.3″
Operating System: Windows 10
Optical Drive Type: DVD+RW, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD-R, CD-R, CD-RW

FREE INSPECTION (a $97 value!)

The owner is so confident that her Indigo is in perfect working condition that she agreed to pay for the inspection for you, which is conducted by an Indigo expert.

The expert will go through the system remotely and perform an array of tests to confirm that it’s in perfect working order.  Then they’ll produce a report with the results, which you will get a copy of.

Now for the BONUSES!


+ Beginners Indigo Manual by The Quantum Academies
+ Quantum Navigator: Anatomy & Physiology by Nirvana Zarabi-Smith
+ IQBNM Biofeedback Practitioner Training IQ 101
+ Reference Guide Vol 1: Hormones, Minerals, Amino Acids, Enzymes by Nirvana Zarabi-Smith
+ Reference Guide Vol 2: Vitamins, Organs, Chakras, Auras by Nirvana Zarabi-Smith
+ Quantum Encyclopedia by Nirvana Zarabi-Smith (both the FULL digital version (see below), as well as portions of it printed out)


+ IQBNM Biofeedback by Dr. Paul Drouin (3 disks)
+ Indigo Software Installation DVD ver 3.3.10 (this is just a backup;  you won’t need this, because you’ll be running the latest version of the Indigo software, which is currently 8-8-14)


A FREE Custom and Private One-on-One Indigo Training Session with an Indigo Expert

This system comes with a FREE 2 hour one-on-one training session with an Indigo expert, which will give you a huge jump start on learning the Indigo, because you’ll be able to cater your training session to your specific needs and desires!


Also included with this system is a special coupon code that will allow you to get 50% off the biofeedback certification program offered through the very prestigious online certification academy, The Quantum Academies, which is essential to have if you’re buying this for professional use for many reasons, chief of which is that being certified allows you to purchase insurance for your biofeedback practice, which minimizes your personal liability in your practice.

Going through the certification process also gives you the much needed education that will allow you to get full use out of your Indigo, which will help your clients to get the most out of each Indigo session!

Go here to find out the other top 3 reasons to get certified as a biofeedback professional.

This special coupon code will save you from $525 to $1010, depending on which level of certification you choose.

Click here to download the list of the certification procedures. (PDF)

Click here to download an extensive overview of the certification program. (PDF)

Click here to download a sample of the beginners biofeedback training. (PDF)

And we’re not done with the BONUSES yet!
If you’re the lucky buyer of this Indigo package, you’ll also get a copy of Nirvana Zarabi-Smith’s Quantum Encyclopedia, which is a $500 value!




Quantum Encyclopedia by Nirvana Zarabi-Smith


Nirvana’s Quantum Encyclopedia will not only give you the best protocol to use for the specific situation you’re dealing with, but it will also give you remedies and descriptions of each disease.

To see just how powerful this resource is, you can download the first 315 pages for free here.

Wow!  That’s a lot of bonuses, isn’t it?

To show you exactly what you’ll be getting if you’re the lucky one who gets to own this systemhere are some visuals…



The amazing Quantum Biofeedback Indigo


The 4 Indigo wrist/ankle straps and the Indigo head harness


The screen of the laptop that was used with this Indigo displaying, “INDIGO BOX Working”


The screen on the front of the Indigo displaying,
“INDIGO is working”


An amazing HP laptop that has all of the specs you will ever need to run the latest version of the Indigo software

NOTE: This laptop is OPTIONAL.  You can use or buy your own computer if you wish, as long as it meets the system requirements needed to run the latest version of the Indigo software.


A side view of this very cool HP laptop


A view from the other side of this HP laptop


A close-up of the beautiful and sleek keyboard that comes with this HP laptop


A view from behind this classy HP laptop

So what do you think?  Is that a TON OF VALUE or what?

And you get all of that for…

(cue the trumpets!)


Only $11,097 $10,597!

If you would like to use your own computer or laptop (make sure it meets the minimum system requirements for the latest version of the Indigo software), then your price is only…


Only $9,997 $9,497! (without the laptop)

All you’ll need to pay after you purchase this system is the following:

+ Transfer of ownership fee to transfer the Indigo device into your name ($350USD paid directly to Quantum World Vision)
+ The activation fee to activate the software in your name, which is just 300 Euros (paid directly through your account that you’ll set up after the transfer of ownership).  You can install and activate the software after you receive the Indigo and new laptop.  If you prefer that we install and activate it for you, please inquire about pricing for that.


What about financing?

If you really want this deal, but you’re not sure how to finance it, let me give you some financing options.


Since all of the Indigos that Ian lists are being sold by private parties and not by businesses, they are unable to offer financing.

But not to worry!

I have some other ways that you can finance your purchase that could be more beneficial to you that I’d like to share with you:


You can take a cash advance on your credit card, and pay it back with the money you make with the Indigo.


Is there a friend and/or family member, or maybe a few friends and/or family members who would like to invest in your business? You could offer them a stake in your business, or a certain percentage of return on their investment in return for funding this Indigo purchase.


Is there a company that would benefit from you having the Indigo, and from you offering the services that you will offer, who has the financial means to loan you the money? You could team up with a company where each of you would benefit from the relationship.

With this option, as an added bonus, you would also have instant access to their customer base, which would give a fantastic boost to your business! Be sure and choose a company that has the same target market that your company has, and that offers complementary products and services (not competing) to the products and services you offer.


You could obtain a personal loan from a bank that would not require any collateral to secure it. Some banks may even secure the loan with the Indigo. It’s certainly worth asking.


You could take out a home equity loan on your house, and then pay it back with the proceeds that you make with the Indigo.


Is there something that you no longer need that you could sell to help finance the purchase of this Indigo system? They say if you haven’t used something for a year, you’re not going to use it, and it’s best to sell it to someone else who will use it. This will make room for new things in your life that you will benefit from like this Indigo device.


If you know someone who would be interested in going in on this with you, and you both would be willing to share the use of the device, then this financing option could cut your cost in half! You’ll just need to set up a schedule of use that you both can agree on, and you’ll be good to go!

Does that help? I’m sure one or more of the above financing options can help you get the funds you need for purchasing this awesome and economical Indigo package!

Well…I think we’ve covered it all!

You now know that this system offers A LOT of value (especially with all of the BONUSES!)it’s in perfect working condition, and you have 7 options to finance this purchase that you can combine any way you like!

All you have to do now is make the decision.

But don’t wait too long, because as I stated above, this is an amazing price for an Indigo package, and deals like this are few and far between.

Remember, out of all of the Indigos that Ian has listed, he’s only sold two other Indigos for around the same price as this one, and they sold before he even posted them on his website!

So if you’re interested, contact Ian TODAY either by emailing him, or by giving him a call at 424.354.1141 so you don’t miss out!

Have a stellar week!

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