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[EXPIRES TONIGHT] 50% OFF Biofeedback Certification in 3 easy payments!

First, I want to apologize. I meant to post this last night, but I got really busy. So I am posting this now.  But you still have over 6 hours to take advantage of this offer!

I did, however, manage to send this offer to my email list. So if you don’t want to miss offers like this in the future, then please go and sign up for my email list now, before you get busy and forget.

You can sign up for my email list at the following link so you don’t miss out on future offers like this:

Now, back to the subject at hand…

I want to let you know about a fantastic offer from Nirvana Zarabi-Smith that’s EXPIRING TONIGHT.

Last week, I made a post about Nirvana Zarabi-Smith’s 50% Off discount on her fantastic biofeedback certification program.

As you might know, that offer ended last week.

However, I have some great news for you! Nirvana opened that offer back up again, and she made it even better!

Not only is she offering you 50% OFF her amazing Biofeedback Certification Program, but until 12 midnight PST tonight, she is also offering you a PAYMENT PLAN on the 50% off price!

So for Level One Certification – Certified Biofeedback Technician (CBT), you can make 2 easy monthly payments of only $262.50! That’s it! A savings of $525!

And if you’re going to go all in and you’re going to invest in the Level Two Certification – Certified Biofeedback Specialist (CBS), which includes the Level One (CBT) certification, then you’ll only need to make 3 easy monthly payments of just $336.67, which is a penny shy of a savings of $1010!

It can’t get more affordable than that!

So if you’ve been thinking about getting certified as a biofeedback professional, and the only thing that’s been holding you back has been timing or funding for the investment, then now is the time to act, because Nirvana’s offer makes it very easy to do, both time-wise and money-wise.

Remember, there is no time limit to complete this certification program. You can take your own sweet time. So you can buy it now and not even start until next year when things free up for you. But at least you locked in this price by making the investment today.

Another major benefit of getting certified as a biofeedback professional is that it will allow you to invest in liability insurance, which will minimize your personal liability in your practice.

If that sounds good to you, be sure to take advantage of this offer now while you’re thinking of it and while it’s still available, because this is one of Nirvana’s rare offers that she doesn’t run very often (it’s actually her best offer), and it EXPIRES TONIGHT!

And if you know someone who has been yearning to get certified as a biofeedback professional, but just couldn’t afford it, or the timing wasn’t right, then send some sunshine their way and forward this blog post to them!

They’ll LOVE you for it!

Here is the promotion explained in full detail that includes 2 FREE GIFTS from Nirvana that you can download right now. However, that promotion page doesn’t mention the payment plan that I just told you about above


To take advantage of this 5o% off payment plan offer, for Nirvana’s Biofeedback Certification Program, simply email Ian and let him know which certification level you would like to invest in, and he’ll have Nirvana send you a special link where you can sign up and make your first payment so you can get started right away!

NOTE: If you prefer to pay for it all at once, email Ian and let him know, and he’ll send you a special coupon code that will give you 50% off the regular price, along with the link where you can make the payment.

Btw, since I didn’t post this offer until now, if you need 24 more hours to take advantage of this offer, let me or Ian know, and we’ll see what we can do for you.  😉

Have a fantabulous weekend!


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