For Sale

This biofeedback Indigo system is now only $8997!

I just wanted to make a quick blog post to let you know that the owner of one of the Indigo systems that Ian has listed reduced her price to only $8997 ($10,097 with a brand new laptop)!  She just bought a horse farm, and she’d really like the money to invest more into it.

That’s an amazing price on an Indigo system, especially considering the fact that it comes with many bonuses including Nirvana’s famous Quantum Encyclopedia, which is a very valuable resource that not only tells you which protocols to use, but it also gives you natural remedies, as well as explanations of each disease (a $500 value!).

Here’s the link for the Indigo system:


If you’re interested, either post a comment below, email Ian, or give him a call at 424.354.1141 ASAP before it sells!

And if you have a friend or colleague that might be interested, show them some love and send them this blog post.

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