For Sale

SCIO EPFX price reduction – Only $5997!

I guess yesterday’s blog post wasn’t straight forward enough, as it caused some confusion.

So this post will be very straight forward. 😉

The SCIO EPFX system that I posted a blog post about yesterday and the day before, System 28, has had a price reduction!

The owner of this SCIO EPFX package decided to offer it to you without the laptop for only $5997 USD! Isn’t that cool of him? (you can still purchase this SCIO EPFX package with the laptop for $6497, if you want)

Buying this system without the laptop for $500 less will allow you to purchase the latest version of the SCIO EPFX software, which is 5.5.16, and install it on a computer of your choice (as long as that computer meets the minimum system requirements for the latest version of the SCIO EPFX software) at no extra cost, because the cost of the latest version of the SCIO EPFX software is only 350 euros (about $388 USD). So this price reduction more than covers that cost.

The only thing is, if you decide to go this route, you better take action right away, because the price of the latest version of the SCIO EPFX software is going to go up from 350 euros (about $388 USD) to 400 euros (about $443 USD) at the end of this month (July). So if you want to avoid this price hike, NOW is the time to act!

Here is a picture of everything that’s included with this system:


System 28: Quantum Biofeedback SCIO EPFX with a 17″ Quantum Computers laptop and a BUNCH of BONUSES!

And here is a link to the full listing for this system:

One more thing…this is the only SCIO EPFX system that Ian has available, and he doesn’t know when he’ll be getting another one. So if you’re even the least bit interested, ACT NOW by sending Ian an email or by calling him at 424.354.1141 TODAY.

Don’t wait.

Life is short.

Time is money.


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