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SCIO EPFX for sale!

System 37: Quantum Biofeedback SCIO EPFX with a laptop, many training materials,
Nirvana’s Quantum Encyclopedia and A-Z Protocols book,
a beautiful carrying case, and a QuantumCaress Kit!

Are you, or is someone you know, interested in a pre-owned SCIO EPFX?

If so, then you better pay attention, because these pre-owned SCIO EPFXs are becoming more and more rare as time goes on!

So let’s jump right into it…

Here are the details:


  • SCIO EPFX device
  • 1 SCIO EPFX head harness
  • 4 SCIO EPFX wrist/ankle straps


Make: HP Compaq
Model: Presario V5015CA
Screen size: 15”
Processor speed: 1.79 GHz
Hard Drive: 60GB
Operating System: Windows XP
Word Processing program: Microsoft Word 2007


  • QuantumCaress Kit
  • Biofeedback body mat
  • Carrying case with wheels


  • Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced manuals
  • A-Z Protocols book by Nirvana Zarabi-Smith
  • Quantum Encyclopedia installed on laptop, as well as DVD by Nirvana Zarabi-Smith
  • Quantum Center of Excellence training DVD’s
    • Beginners Series training with Alyce Harms
    • How to Use Accessories, Basic Navigation and Test Interpretation w/ Dave Cowan
    • Demo DVDs with Nirvana Zarabi-Smith
    • Marketing Your Business
    • And more!
  • Quantum Center of Excellence training DVD’s
    • Mood Disorders and Addiction Therapy
    • Clearing Toxins
    • Allergy detection w/Debbie Drake
    • Weight Loss w/ Alyce Harms
  • Allergy Relationships w/Kathryn Wilson
  • Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology w/Kathryn Wilson
  • Emotional Connections w/Kathryn Wilson
  • White Dove Healing Arts Homeopathic course

Now that you know what’s included with this system, here are some pictures to give you a visual:

The QuantumCaress Kit!
This kit allows you to bring the frequency directly to
the body part that’s being worked on!

Biofeedback body mat!
This allows you to lay the subject on the mat to apply frequencies

A beautiful carrying case!

Nirvana Zarabi-Smith’s A-Z Protocols book!
This book will take the guesswork out of your SCIO EPFX sessions
Have Nirvana’s amazing protocols at your fingertips!

Beginner’s Training Manual

Intermediate Training Manual

Advanced Training Manual

All of the SCIO EPFX training manuals in one nice binder!

Quantum Center of Excellence Training DVDs,
Allergy Relationships, Emotional Connections,
and Homeopathic Course by White Dove Healing Arts

FREE INSPECTION (a $97 value!)

The owner is so confident that her system is in perfect working condition, that she’s agreed to pay to have her SCIO EPFX inspected for you.

The inspection will be conducted by a SCIO EPFX expert, and they’ll produce a report with their findings, which you’ll get a copy of. This will give you peace of mind that you’re buying a system that is in perfect working condition.


50% OFF Nirvana Zarabi-Smith’s Biofeedback Certification Training Program at The Quantum Academies (a $525 to $1010 SAVINGS!)

With the purchase of this system, you’ll also receive a special 50% off discount on Nirvana Zarabi-Smith’s Biofeedback Certification Training Program at The Quantum Academies, which is a savings ranging from $525 to $1010, depending on which certification level you choose!

You can read all about Nirvana’s Biofeedback Certification Training Program, the top 5 reasons why you should get certified, download samples of the training, get an overview of the entire certification training program, and view the pricing of each certification level here:

What’s the price for all of this?

PRICE: Only $6497 USD!

So what do you think? Amazing deal, right?

Are you, or is someone you know, interested?

If so, CONTACT Ian ASAP, because these SCIO EPFX’s are getting more and more rare as time goes on, and this one will sell quickly!

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